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Welcome to the Brazilian Chakras Reflexology© Website. Here you will find information about massage, chakras, reflexology, chakras foot reflexology, and much more.

What is massage?

     The word massage comes from the Greek root “masso”- to touch.  Massage is one of the most natural, relaxing and beneficial arts of healing for the body.


What is Reflexology?

     There are approximately one to two hundred thousand nerve endings in the feet that directly correspond to systems (organs,  and glands, for example).

     Reflexology is a method of using direct pressure and circular movement with the finger or thumb to stimulate reflex points located in the feet, hands, and ears. This bioenergetic massage can be of use to boost the client’s systems and increase the healing process. Therefore, an unblocked, natural flow of energy results in an improvement of health and well-being.


What is Chakra?

The word “chakra” is from a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” There are seven major chakras located at the midline, an imaginary line that divides the body into right and left, and hundreds of minor chakras located all over the body.

Chakras are subtle energy centers that emanate a luminous light, which makes up the aura surrounding the body. This subtle energy, spinning in and out of the chakras, is constant, and it is believed to stop spinning only at death.

Practitioners may be able to see, feel, and measure the frequency of the chakras by second sight, the laying on of hands, and even the use of a pendulum or other resources.


What is Brazilian Chakras Reflexology©?

Brazilian Chakras Reflexology is a holistic technique that combines reflexology and chakras knowledge. This type of bioenergetic foot massage focuses on direct pressure and circular movement with the finger and thumb to the reflex points, a total fifty-five reflex points on the feet. This bioenergetic massage works on the seven major chakras, following the natural flow of energy; it begins from the first chakra and ends with the seventh chakra. 


How does the energy flow up the chakras?

     The source of the energy is absorbed into the human body through the first chakra. This energy flows from the first chakras, end and out of each of the six chakras, until it leaves the top of the head, like a fountain. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, in her book Wheels of Light, explains, “When energy enters the body through the feet and moves up to the first chakra, it does so by moving from the thighs in the direction of the tailbone, which spins the energy down and forwards at an angle. So, the first chakra does not really face forward.”  The natural energy pattern is to move upward in a continuous flow, in and out of the spine, and out through the top of the head. So the energy, whose source comes from the earth’s magnetic field or from another philosophical point of view, some would say the universe, enters the human body through the feet.  This is why working with the feet is so important. Chakras are interdependent with the body’s neurological and physiological systems and this impacts a person psychologically.

What Are the Benefits of Brazilian Chakras Reflexology?

     With the chakras cleansed and unblocked energy flowing, a certain frequency is set up, which can cause the following:

- Promotion of overall relaxation

- Stimulation of an energy balance of the seven major chakras

- Promotion of a healthy balance between body, mind, emotions, spirit, and cosmic energy

- Encouragement of the development of a healthy lifestyle

- Development of the awareness of higher spiritual dimensions

Experiencing uncountable individual benefits

With the chakras cleansed and flowing correctly, a certain frequency is set up opening the person to:

• Promoting overall relaxation
• Stimulating an energetic balance of the seven major chakras
• Promoting a healthy balance between body, mind, spirit and cosmic energy
• Encouraging the development of a healthy lifestyle
• Developing the awareness of higher spiritual dimensions
• And much more…
Chakras Foot Reflexology© is recommended for:

• People desiring a healthy lifestyle
• Domestic violence survivors
• Sexual abuse survivors
• Drug abuse survivors
• Cancer survivors

. Healthcare practitioners

. Stage performers

. Team coaches

. Athletes

. People desiring experience of bioenergetic foot massage

Chakras Foot Reflexology© is contraindicated for the client who is experiencing:


- Severe swelling

- Blood clots
- Fever

- Infectious disease
- Advanced diabetes
- Pregnancy
- Thrombosis
- Heart disease
- Consumption of heavy medication

- Consumption of illicit drugs
- Other abnormal medical conditions that might be considered
What are the benefits of a therapeutic massage to the client?


- Improve circulation
- Relieve muscle tension
- Promote overall relaxation
- Reduce stress
- Increase vitality
- Experiencing uncountable individual benefits

Who is Janete Barringer?


Janete Barringer is a practitioner certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBMTB), a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist by the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy, and a certified member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Janete Barringer is an author, developer, and instructor of Brazilian Chakras Reflexology ©, a holistic massage technique. 

The Brazilian Chakras Reflexology© book and e-book are available on 
Where did Janete Barringer graduate from?


Therapeutic Massage Training Institute. Charlotte, NC/USA
Brazilian-Chinese Institute of Education & Culture. Curitiba, Pr/Brazil
Center for Balance of Energy. Curitiba, Pr/Brazil

Teaching Brazilian Chakras Reflexology 

Thank you for your interest in Brazilian Chakras Reflexology (BCR) training/16 CE. Because of the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, I won't be teaching BCR in 2020. In due time, I will post detailed information on my plans for the 2021 BCR calendar. Nevertheless, a waiting list is open for only 12 lucky students per class. Definitely, I always teach for a small group because each student deserves to receive from me customized guidance during her/his learning process. The BCR course/16 CE will be held in the state of North Carolina/USA.

Brazilian Chakras Reflexology/16 CE

2-Day Course:

From 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m./each day


Early registration - $ 340

Registration rate is $350

Send me a text message at 704 2774321 or e-mail at to place your name on the waiting list for the classes of the year 2021.



Instructor: Janete Barringer

NC LMBT, NCBTMB provider, and ABMP member

BCR course/16 CE is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)

Course description:

The purpose of this course is to teach the principles and technique of Brazilian Chakras Reflexology for the students as well as self-care techniques to guide them thought therapeutic knowledge. The students will be able to identify energy blockages and promote the natural flow of energy through chakras channels. Moreover, with the practical learnings, the students will learn how to identify the reflex points correlated to the major chakras. The course is divided into four sections. Section one contains subjects of history, anatomy, ergonomics, landmark, and kinesiology. Section two points out the logical fundaments of reflex points and cocoon draping. Section three is focused on practicing the Brazilian Chakras Reflexology technique. Section four discusses the customized BCR treatment, ethics, and profession, and perform the luxurious spa foot treatment.

Photo of Original Draft of the Chakras Foot Reflexology© Developed by Janete Barringer in 2009.

Massage Therapist Teaches Massage in Brazil and United States

In 2016-2017, Janete Barringer and her friend Vickie Torrey, an oncology massage instructor, were in Brazil teaching massages at a college named Faculdade Espirita. Janete taught "Brazilian Chakras Reflexology," a massage technique that she developed in 2009. This innovated and unique holistic massage had qualified her to run as a contestant for the World's Best Massage Therapist voted by the World Massage Therapists Association. In 2017, Janete started teaching Brazilian Chakras Reflexology technique in the United States.

The Brazilian Chakras Reflexology book and E-book are available on

Testimonial by readers.

Amazon Customer on April 13, 2017

Awesome book of knowledge geared to help individuals/professionals to discover chakras and reflexology combined. Brazilian Chakras Reflexology designed by a phenomenal practitioner, has simple clear and informative illustrations and provides awareness for integrative lifestyle.

Amazon Customer on March 1, 2017

Brazil - United States

Teaching BCR to Brazilian and North-American students
Alzira was learning BCR by instructor Janete Barringer at the Faculdade Espirita in Brazil.
Oty and Vickie were learning BCR by instructor Janete Barringer in the United States.
The Brazilian Chakras Reflexology book is dedicated to stunning women.
Photo of Zenaide and Janete
Photo of Janete and Cristiane
Photo of Oty
I would like to invite you to learn about natural prevention of sickness through Brazilian Chakras Reflexology. The BCR book and e-book are available on

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           "A bioenergetic therapeutic massage with a Brazilian healing touch for health."

* Brazilian Chakras Reflexology© service.

Sorry. At this time, Janete Barringer, is not accepting new clients. 

Important - For Brazilian Chakras Reflexology© session, the client should wear loose comfortable clothes and underwear with natural fibers that do not interfere with the aura. Example: silk, cotton or wool. Please, bring one pair of clean socks 100% cotton. Thank you.







In 2016, a Brazilian newspaper released news about Janete's workshop and book.